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When Lands Float like Memory

Saltwater Community Center, Wyndham City Council


Wyndham City Council Artist in the Residency



When Lands Float like Memory, 2017

When Lands Float like Memory, 2017



I was resident artist at Saltwater Community Center from August to October 2017. During my residency at Point Cook I was strongly attracted to, and influenced by, the infinite landscape that stretches to the horizon and the constantly shifting dynamics - both natural and artificial - unfolding in the area.

When Lands Float like Memory is a series of ceramic installations that responds to the local natural and human activities. I tried to represent the local community through ceramics and the idea of a “floating geological structure”. The landscape is not how it exists in space, but as how we remember it.

The Residency project was supported by Wyndham City Council.

Special thanks to Rahima Hayes, who is the Arts Activation Officer. As well Nandita and Carolyn.

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