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RIFT: Particulate Matter

Testing Ground, Melbourne, Australia


Co-curated by Kat Kohler & Dr. Rachel Marsden
With artists I-Yen Chen, Nikki Lam, Siying Zhou, Yan Yang, Yandell Walton & Youjia Lu, and spatial designers Stephen Yuen & Stephanie Liddicoa

ceramic, silicon

I-Yen Chen

Scabbing / Cicatrice


Ceramic, silicone, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

Photo Credit: Lauren Dunn Art Documentation 

Instigating a dialogue through artistic research-based practices and interdisciplinary approaches, this project responds to society’s relationship and growing tensions with the built and natural world as a result of environmental change. 

RIFTS: Particulate Matter connects and collaborates with two curators, six artists and two spatial designers to present different imaginative and real, individual and collective existences and potential futures relating to the theme, as seen as “particulate matter”. Working across a range of sculptural, digital projections and film techniques, the artists and spatial designers translate physical and psycho-analytical experiences to provoke audiences to reconsider their spatial surroundings. Through multiple levels of intensity and engagement, the works offer a space devoid of time to question local to global and socio-political ecological impacts, including how they relate to personal experiences including our emotions, social anxiety and mental wellbeing. 

Exhibition Review by Jessica Williams on Art+Australia online:

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