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Travel like a flock, settle to be a map

Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia




installation view
detail shoot

They travel like a flock, scatter like stellar, grow like fungus.


My work is often about the invisible strength and power. This power, though seems trivial and fragile, could somehow awaken the unknown feeling and emotion from one. So gentle that it resonate to one like a little ringing bell, so determined that one might feel slightly awed by it.


Each of the ceramic pieces is like a wild-grow plant or creature. They look random, somehow suggest a possible path. You wonder, is that a map?  The attempt of trying to read it or interpret it is like trying to read one’s pawn, or like reading the tea leaves left at the bottom of the cup, reaching out an possible prophet of one’s future or destiny. which is again, invisible.


I left a track of myself on each petal, hoping through the collection that those tracks could form a map tells me how I end up settling here. It’s also a piece about the out spreading and the belonging

If I have to explain this work, I would say it’s a starry sky, by giving name to each star and constellation, one locate him/herself in this vast world. It’s also a palmistry, that through reading it one try to predict his/her future destiny. it grows like fungus, but continues like weevil. but it’s all about the invisible strength and power.

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