Noel Counihan Commemorative Award

Counihan Gallery, Melbourne


"Last Night, I dreamed that we crossed the border" was finalisted in the Noel Counihan Commemorative Award, 2017. The exhibition theme this year is "PEOPLE - POLITICS - PROTEST". Artists were asked to respond to the theme and reflect on the contemporary society through artistic practice.

"Last Night, I dreamed that we crossed the border" was inspired by the history of Taiwanese immigration of the early 17th century. These early settlers who survived the trip across the dangerous Taiwan Strait were just like contemporary refugee groups, wading through the dark and night, looking for a way out of their previous life. Once across, the journey continues - physical, political borders lay behind them, but the fence of mind still keeps people away.  In telling this story, I highlight the struggle of all migrants, and expect all of us can be aware of any visible or invisible border, crossing without conflict and pain.

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